Managing Conflicts

Relations and marriages experience some conflicts. Some marriage experiences more conflict than others; some are hateful, and some are playful. Then those that never end that recur now and then. Here is a list of tips that can be used to resolve conflicts whether at home or work.

Cool Down

If you ever found yourself in a hot argument; you should try to cool down. Take a walk for a little while then come back or talk to a friend with a clear head. This helps you to blow off the steam. You can also take a rest or some meditation nap.

Before leaving your partner, you are advised to breathe deeply and offer yourself to discuss the matter sometimes later. The whole aim of going separate ways should be to reconnect gaining with a mind fresh enough to iron things out.

Mutual Respect

Regardless of your divided positions, you should always remember that the other person is just a human being. Have in mind their frailties and weaknesses. Consider the respect you would want to get and then respect the other person unconditionally. Always be kind even the time when you feel agitated or infuriated. If the situation makes you cry rather than scream, you will probably realize that you are near to finding the root of the problem. Once you get to the bone of contention, you can begin to solve the issues. Of course T.W. Jackson explains this in The Magic Of Making Up product.

Start with a look at yourself

Always look at yourself first before you jump to condemn the other person. Ask yourself if you are partly responsible for the argument. What is your contribution to the argument? What is your effort towards resolving the same? If it was your fault, go ahead and apologize, just say you are sorry, it was your fault, and you would like to solve it once and for all.

What’s the argument about? From your point of view, what are you arguing about? What does the other person think about the argument? What can the both of you do to come to a solution? This is another thing T.W. Jackson has talked about in The Magic Of Making Up.

Wants vs. Needs

Try to figure out your partner’s motive. What do they want? Again ask yourself the action you need to take. Pursue what you need but don’t be rigid on your wants. Remember, a want is a preference, and need is that thing that you cannot survive without. If you find that what you need is inaccessible, try to re-evaluate your relationship.

Empathy and compassion

During such arguments, what do you think that the other party is feeling? Imagine yourself if you were in their position. You should be honest with yourself. What could be the fears that hide in their anger? Lay a lot of emphasizing on the special qualities of the other people and think about their goals.

Strength and wisdom

Does this person possess any significant quality and what kind of wisdom do they have? We all know that we are created with different capabilities; each and every person is good about something. Can you use that knowledge to assist you out of the issue? What are the lessons that you learn from the other person?

Being happy is better than being right. Conflict hurts and damages relationships if it is allowed to get out of hands. Take a look at the bigger picture. You should know what your wants, goals, are and what you wish to do with your life with no regrets. Do everything possible to emerge out of the conflict and get back to the peaceful and light state.

Mutual Care

You should figure out the good things you wish for your partner. Find ways to assist that person achieve what they desire while you have what you want.

Times Together

People get into conflict more often than not, with their friends and partners if they don’t have fun together. Therefore, once you have resolved the immediate conflict or some part of it, do something that can bring about long-term benefits. Arrange some time for fun together with your friends or partners on a regular basis. You can start on a weekend where you will have fun alone and no trigger discussions.

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